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John McCulloch
5th August 2007, 18:29
Yokozuna Asashoryu has been suspended from the next two tournaments for playing soccer when he had refused to participate in regional tournaments because of injury.

Report: http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/national/news/20070801p2a00m0sp021000c.html

Both he and his stablemaster received hefty fines.


John McCulloch

6th August 2007, 00:26
Hey John,
You have to wonder what the Yokozuna was thinking... or was it a case of simply not thinking? He must have known the possible consequences. While he's not the sharpest tool in the woodshed, this is paramount to thumbing his nose at the Sumo Association. I feel the punishment is light, by Japanese standards. In the USA, guys like Dennis Rodman can get away with kicking a photographer in the groin and Mike Tyson can bite-off part of Evander Holyfield's ear during a Title fight. I would have banned 'em both for this kind of insanity! Kids emulate sports heroes, so their behavior is very important. What Asashoryu did was seemingly innocent. I don't know how sports celebs are allowed to behave in Mongolia but in case Asa hadn't noticed, he is living and working in Japan. If he didn't know the gravity of his actions before, HE DOES NOW! Too bad this crap has to over-shadow Kotomitsuki's promotion to Ozeki. Congrats on his fine efforts!
So John,
What are your predictions for the upcoming Tokyo basho in September? I see Hakuho taking control of the situation. Maybe a 13-2 winning record? Anyone got any ideas? We'll know in a month!

Later, Jon Palombi

John McCulloch
6th August 2007, 04:09
Hi Jon,

My predictions are usually the kiss of death (whoever I pick will lose!), but with apologies to the leading rikishi I'm willing to predict that the next basho will have a left field winner, not Hakuho. Don't know who it would be though.

Also, regarding Asashoryu, I agree that he should understand the environment he's in. Perhaps he felt that his dominance entitled him to behave as he pleased?

In any event, this ban will be a severe shock to his system. If he can handle it psychologically I'm willing to predict he'll win his first basho on his return and maybe even two or three.

The next basho will be weird!

John McCulloch

Earl Hartman
6th August 2007, 18:50
Asashoryu's punishment was much too light. He's a strong wrestler, but he has no class. I think he figured sumo needed him more than he needed sumo.

They shoulda thrown the book at him. My guess is they're going to do their best to make life so miserable for him that he'll quit.

I still haven't heard anything about a public apology.

7th August 2007, 13:23
I certainly hope Asashoryu will humble himself enough (to his sumo elders) and realize that his career is on the line. He's come so far! What a shame to grown to big for his britches and spoil it all now. Hopefully he is getting some good advice from his Oyakata. However, he needs to make a very LOUD public apology. Let's wish him the best of luck...JUST THIS ONCE. If he continues to act like such a dumb-ass, fire him! No champion is bigger than the sport itself. Boy, I wish someone like Takanohana would show up on the scene and knock some of the wind out of his sails. Too bad Hakuho and Kotomitsuki have to have this controversy over-shadow their promotions.

Ciao, Jon

Earl Hartman
7th August 2007, 18:17
Asashio (Takasago Oyakata) isn't taking this very well. I've seen him on the news, and he looks like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He really needs to tell Asashoryu to bend over and take it like a man, but he seems to be coddling him. I hear that he's hunkered down in his room with the lights out or something.

7th August 2007, 23:37
The way I see it, Asashoryu has come to a dangerous crossroad. Either he makes himself small, in terms of filial piety, before the Sumo Association or he challenges a dragon bigger than Godzilla! "Pride falleth before a man." Like any super-athlete, Asa has let his success go to his head. I think I hear the hissing of snakes... It doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate the potential offers that will flood his way from the guys with the broken noses (you know, the MMA/Pride Fighting opportunists). Akibono made a royal fool of himself in this arena! Overweight, out of shape, over the hill Akibono, took a bite out of the Pride Fighting Adam's apple. His complete failure was an atrocity! He, in 2 or 3 idiotic matches, reduced the world-wide respect given to these Champions of Sumo to ashes! Why? Money. How much? Too much! In the case of Asashoryu, he is yet to peak in his physical prime. He is, arguably, the toughest man in the world. Let's hope that he has the REAL heart of a champion and will honor, yes honor, the grand lineage he has been blessed to achieve such high standing in. While even I would love to see Asashoryu mix it up with Mike Tyson or Rickson Gracie, I would be more proud of him if he didn't. Again, as I posted before, I would love to see a Takanohana come up through the ranks and challenge him to raise his game a little higher. Would Asashoryu stand a chance against a 26 year old Takanohana? My guess is far better than I would. However, he would lose, lose, lose in almost every match (if not every match). Just a thought... :rolleyes:

Later, Jon Palombi