View Full Version : Isshinryu or Goju in Atlanta?

13th August 2007, 05:26
I am looking for a Isshinryu or Goju Ryu dojo in Atlanta.I will be there for a short business trip later this month and would like to train one night. Thank you,Tom Hodges

13th August 2007, 13:07

Jim Larrocco is in Cumming, just north of Atlanta, he's a Hachi Dan under Angi Uezu Sensei. He teaches at the Gold's Gym there.
The Okinawan Karate Do Union, which was founded by the late Allen Wheeler also has a huge following in that general area, as well.
Mark Amos teaches Kodokan Goju under Kimo Sensei out at Life University, you can find his contact info listed on Kimo Sensei's site. I know Terry Ree's also has a Goju student there that was teaching in Atlanta somewhere. But not sure anymore.
If you wanna train Shito Ryu, Joe Ruiz' IKKU has a few Dojo in the area, as well.
Please email me if you need any more info.