View Full Version : Intensive shooting schools?

Jody Holeton
23rd August 2007, 14:26
Dear all,

I really need to work on my trigger squeeze and sight acquisition.

I have heard about intensive 1-3 week long handgun shooting seminars/schools in the UK and with Blackwater.

Are there any good ones? Has anyone here ever been to one?

Any advice would be appreciated.

24th August 2007, 18:15
There is no handgun training in the UK apart from that done by the military and the police.
There are a number of organizations offering training with pistols and even subguns, but these are with Airsoft weapons [and they charge real money for training with toy weapons!]
You are better seeking such training in the USA, there are numerous highly qualified instructors who will teach you using live weapons, not toys.
By the way, Airsoft have a place, and a lot of tactical teams find them very useful..... but as a supplement to live training with the actual issue weapons.

27th August 2007, 01:02
You can't get more intense than with Blackwater.
Or with Bill Roger's school in Ga.

John Lindsey
15th October 2007, 17:34
In the US, I like Larry Vickers and Paul Howe for pistol training. Both are ex Delta and well respected. You may not need to spend a whole week training. 3 days is plenty and after that, you are so tired that things go downhill.

Just like in martial arts, it takes a lot of self training, which I see lacking in shooters who don't come from a martial arts background.

John Lindsey
16th October 2007, 12:37
Just a few more thoughts about "intensive" schools. There are more than a few schools that have really nice ranges, drive you out in golf carts, and are basically a Disney Land for shooters. I prefer courses in which not only is my weapon stressed, but I am stressed as well. Jody, it sounds like what you need is to find someone local to coach you on what you want, and then spend a lot of time dry firing and range firing. Then, seek out a course to attend. BW has some good training, and a friend of mine is an instructor.

There are plenty of excellent instructors who tour around the country, using sponsored ranges for the training. These can be a be cheaper, and still have high quality training.

17th October 2007, 10:27
If you already know what it is you are having difficulty with, I suggest practicing that particular skill on your own. I can't see paying $$$ to someone when I can just go to the local range and work on my own. I'm sure there are some folks in your unit who can help too.