View Full Version : Larry Hartsell. The passing of a Legend...

26th August 2007, 01:59
He was one of my first JKD teachers an awesome martial artist and man. One of a kind!

One of my first JKD teachers . He was an awesome man...


26th August 2007, 06:11
Err sorry for saying the same thing twice there... I copy & pasted from my Dojo forum and wrote basically the same thing here. :(

Anyway, R.I.P Sifu Harsell...

7th September 2007, 01:51
He gave me a great experience while training under him as I matured..
Thanks sir..
Ralph Severe, kamiyama

8th September 2007, 23:14
Mr. Hartsell did a lot for promoting martial arts. May he Rest In Peace.