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Jeffrey Goodwin
4th September 2007, 01:04

I was wondering if any of my fellow Police/LEO's across the pond in Canada or the United States could tell me how much handgun/pistol input a uniformed Officer in a patrol role or other Law Enforcement Officer gets when they first undertake firearms training.

Many thanks.

Jason Chambers
4th September 2007, 02:44
Here in Louisiana (USA), you receive 40 hours of training in the Police Academy. Anything more is on the the officer, unless they are SWAT or something like that.

Jeffrey Goodwin
4th September 2007, 11:01
Thank you for the swift reply Jason.

Is that specifically pistolcraft? and does that cover target and point shooting? Out of interest what side-arm are you issued with?

Jason Chambers
4th September 2007, 12:54
I am issued a boat anchor (S&W 4046) and that covers putting 60 rounds into a sillouette. Of course they make you shoot it four times and give you an average score.

We also do a shotgun familiarization course which entails shooting .00 Buck and 12 gauge slugs down range.

4th September 2007, 16:31
In fort worth, Our department does an initial 2 weeks of training which includes nightfire. Standard issue is sig sauer.....double single.....40 cal...

Follow up we can practice every month at the range no limit on the # of rounds....


Greg Weathers
Fuga dojo cho

5th September 2007, 19:26
Here in our training facility it's 60 hours minimum for pistol, shotgun, patrol rifle with officer safety added in. We shoot the Glock 9mm cause ammo is cheap and Glocks are the most common gun out there for LE. The pistol requires a qualification and the rifle and shotgun are familirization. In Minnesota we don't have a standardized length of training nor a standardized qualification for pre-service or in service.

George Kohler
5th September 2007, 23:03
I can't remember the requirements that I did in the Academy, but while I was working for McKinney they did a yearly qualification (or maybe it was two). In my opinion, there is not enough firearms training for patrol officers, unless they are part of a "part-time" SWAT team that most small departments have.

While I was doing my qualification, I was surprised as to how the others did. Maybe my expectations were too high from what I was accustomed to in my previous occupation and training.

Another problem that I see is how the qualifactions/training are conducted (ie. just standing at a booth or lane and just shooting at a target). There is no stress testing done. And why are they not using barriers as aids while training/quals to help reinforce finding cover?

It has been a while since I was in law enforcement, so maybe things have changed.

6th September 2007, 16:08
In our qualifications the distance is varied as well as timed from each distance. 3 ft out with gun already drawn everything else is from the gun fully secured in the holster........

greg weathers

Jason Chambers
7th September 2007, 00:33

STAGE I *25 yards **6 rds. standing, barricade, strong hand
6 rds. kneeling, barricade, strong hand
6 rds. standing, barricade, strong hand
or off-hand, off-side (90 seconds)
*NOTE: Movement to barricade required, maximum distance 5 yards
**NOTE: With verbal commands (POLICE! Dont Move!)

STAGE II 7 yards 6 rds. kneeling (10 seconds)
*12 rds. standing (25 seconds)
6 rds. off-hand only (8 seconds)
*NOTE: Mandatory reloading for all weapons after first six (6) rounds

STAGE III 4 yards 3 rds. one- or two-hands (3 seconds)
Instinct shooting position from holster.
3 rds. one- or two-hands (3 seconds)
Instinct shooting position from ready-gun position
String II: Repeat I

STAGE IV 2 yards *2 rds., one- or two-hands (2 seconds)
Close quarter shooting position from holster.
Repeat twice
*NOTE: Movement to rear required - one step

TARGET: Possible points 120
Qualification 96 = 80%
Scoring: Inside ring 2 points
Outside ring 1 point

Jeff Larsen
15th September 2007, 00:02
Two weeks in the Police Adacemy (pistol/shotgun/Patrol rifle)

Week of Officer Survival (includes firearms, knives, etc.)

4 weeks of Defensive Tactics

Week of Redman Suit training

2 days of situational training

Seems like a lot, but it really isn't.

When certified, shoot 4 times a year with 2 night shoot.

SWAT team...train 2-4 times a month. Unlimited ammo.

Jeff :)

16th September 2007, 20:35
At my agency we are issued Beretta 92 D, DAO. There is a magazine disconnect specicially requested by the VA. Most of our officers have previous experience prior to being hired, but once hired they are required to attend our "academy" which includes 40 hours of firearms training. This is just basically a fundamentals course. At the station the minimum is qualification semi-annually, with a low-light course annually. We are also required to do tactical firearms training quarterly. As a firearms instructor (one of two here) that means a lot of range time for me :) . We do not use long guns per agency policy. We are in the process of acquiring a FATS simulator so we can do more tactical and incorporate escalation/de-escalation of force with a red-man suit.

Our qualification course is fired on FBI Q targets, any hits inside the coke bottle count. Hits breaking the line are scored a miss. Its a 50-round course, ranging from the 5-yard line to the 25-yard line. We do not allow alibis and shooters are required to clear their own malfunctions. As for tactical, we do not tell shooters when to do a tac or speed reload, we try to build the mindset that the officer is responsible for managing their own weapon. The magazine disconnect adds a wrinkle to tac reloads.

17th September 2007, 19:54
Here is our qualification (pre-service).

3 yards-draw and fire 5 rounds from the hip in 3 seconds x2 for a total of 10.

5 rounds-dominant from the holster, draw and fire 10 in 8 seconds.

5 rounds-non-dominant hand, from a high ready-10 in 8 seconds.

7 yards-draw and fire two in three seconds x5 for a total of 10.

15 yards draw and fire 10 rounds in 12 seconds.

ALL rounds must be in the silhoutte, score must be 70% or above or a now qual.
Duane Wolfe