View Full Version : Anyone have the Cold Steel Chisa katana?

Kevin Geaslin
11th September 2007, 21:55
I used to have a Paul Chen Practical Katana but sold it on Ebay a few years ago. I was looking for another practical cutter under 200 bucks. I have a Cold Steel push knife, which I love, and really trust their products. I came across the Chisa while surfing Ebay, and at first thought it was a wakizashi or a "ninjato" due to it's size. Any reviews?

Jason Chambers
11th September 2007, 22:42
Found these (and more) at the Cold Steel site Kevin.


Now, we have bought a few blades, iaito and shinken, from Cheness.com and have been very pleased with them.

Brian Owens
12th September 2007, 08:57
Found these (and more) at the Cold Steel site...
"Double Edge Katana"?

The blade is a copy of a kogarasumaru tachi if I ever saw one.

12th September 2007, 20:35
There are a whole bunch of waza that you simply couldn't perform in MJER with a double-edge katana, Kevin. I strongly suggest you not go that route.

My wife uses the Cold Steel O-Katana for tameshigiri, & it cuts really well. Don't know if it's under $200, though.

One funny: we happened to bring her katana to a meeting of the Japanese Sword Society of Hawaii, & two of our most experienced members (they're shinsa!) were very impressed. They told us it's modeled closely after a Bizen Nihonto, & that it was likely the sharpest katana we will ever see. :eek:

Liam Cognet
12th September 2007, 22:33
Did you do any waza with the o-katana?

12th September 2007, 22:40
No, she uses her iaito in normal waza practice, Liam. Although we both hold dan in MJER, Sensei doesn't see any reason for us to use shinken in our training sessions.

13th September 2007, 01:49
Strewth - how tall is your wife? I used a DF O-Katana for Tameshigiri and it was large even for me at 6' 1"

13th September 2007, 01:56
Linda's not that tall, Mat, only 5'6" or so, but we both prefer longer blades when we cut. My iaito is a 2-4-5, but my shinken is 2-6-5. We both certainly have to do a good saya-biki when we draw, but no trouble when cutting.

13th September 2007, 02:02
I use a 2.6 Shaku iaito and a 2.6 Shinken. I usually find the Tsuka too long on most 2.5 + blades.

My shinken is custom.

It's hard to find decent production blades over 29 inches with Iaito length Tsuka.

13th September 2007, 02:14
I'm 5'10", Mat, so the 2-4-5 iaito works fine for me. My next iaito will probably be a 2-5-5 or so, & will definitely be custom-made, too.

I tend to prefer a longer tsuka - within reason - as it gives me more swinging "leverage," & keeps the blade from feeling too point-heavy. But I know quite a few other iaidoka who prefer the point-heavy weighting, so I guess it's just a preference. My Sensei doesn't really care how long/short/heavy our iaito are as long as we can perform our waza precisely.

One of my friends is about 6'3" & 300 pounds, & uses a 2-3-5 iaito that looks like a tanto when he swings it. :rolleyes: But he passed his shodan exam a few months ago, so I guess the judges didn't die laughing....

13th September 2007, 02:28
I understand. I like to keep my tsuka under 12 inches for 31" + blades,