View Full Version : Stan Hart, Veteran Martial Artist Dies at 59

Joe Logue
20th September 2007, 04:26
My teacher and friend of 21 years, Stan Hart, died unexpectantly on September 8, 2007 in Mansfield, Ohio.
In 1964, Stan began learning martial arts in high school and continued this as an occupation for the last 40 years. Stan was a noted martial artist, published in many leading MA publications. He was an instructor's instructor -- he taught owners of leading martial arts schools all over the Northeast U.S., but mainly in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. Stan was an instructor and an employee of Ohio State University, Mansfield, teaching an accredited self-defense and karate course.
He studied Shotokan and Aikido from Mr. Victor Louis of Youngstown, Ohio and later from the early 80's to 1993 was a direct student of Taika Seiyu Oyata. His art and webiste can be found on www.hakuda.com
Stan will be sadly missed by thousands of MA students and instructors.
He was a good and kind man and skilled teacher of the hidden techniques and efficient, bio mechanic movements of the classical Karate katas.
Joe Logue