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11th October 2007, 18:12
Does anyone know of a Jinenkan Dojo or trainging group close to Huntsville Alabama?
Rodney McAbee

11th October 2007, 23:14
Hello Rodney,

There is an authorized Jinenkan training group located in Huntsville ran by Curtis Stolaas.

Mr. Stolaas is a student of Dojo-cho Matt Stennett of the Jinenkan Seigi Dojo in Tennessee you can contact him at thislink (http://www.stolaas.com/sakuradojo/index.html)

Hope that helps.

27th October 2007, 06:23
Pardon me,it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I have been here. Might I JUST SUGGEST(it is MY opinion...OK) for you to TRY to contact RENSHI Brian Hodges of the Genbukan. I know it may be the JINENKAN you are looking for but IFit is just PURE NINPO your best bet in the Huntsville area would be Renshi Hodges. This...it is only from me but in my opinion look to the 'other' then just SEE for yourself 2nd Renshi Hodges. I will say this much,if you are looking for 'the easy path'....don't waste his time because you will NOT find it thru him. He operates a very traditional dojo even if it doesn't look like a 'traditional atmosphere". I tell you this ONLY because I know what is out there.

John Hamilton