View Full Version : Deceber Attendance

Jason Chambers
3rd January 2001, 00:56
Raise your hand if attendance has been WAY down this past month.

3rd January 2001, 04:57
Our's have been down about 60% :(

Steve Williams
3rd January 2001, 09:47
Attendence normally goes down in December, usually people are not as committed as some of us :D
They have other concerns etc... admittedly some do have a much higher workload at Christmas time, so that accounts for some of the drop-out.

We usually find that after Christmas the attendence does revert to its original level (sometimes increases a lot as well) people feel fat/ unfit/ generally unhealthy, and need to train again..

Robert Wolfe
3rd January 2001, 12:23
My old karate instructor used to say, "The only unbeatable opponent is Santa Claus..."

3rd January 2001, 20:39
Same here. Sensei Santa always wins in the month of December.

Mitch Saret
4th January 2001, 03:21
Yes, attendance is down, but here is how I combat that.

The town I am in has a light up the square event early in December. My school is on the square so it is natural to hold a demo. We continue normal schedule for a couple of weeks, then before school lets out we have a christmas party and awards night. Student of the year plaques and other awards are handed out, we play a few games with the kids, I have a gift for all the kids, something small and not too expensive. We all have a good time and say goodbye until after school starts up again in January...it would have been tonight but something came up so we are starting up again Monday.

This gives me a much needed break, allows me time to do maintanence on the dojo, and no one feels like they are missing out.

4th January 2001, 05:24
I run a similar schedule as Mitch, with about a 2 week break. This year I did a bunch of DT classes for the Sheriff, so December was busy and I'll get some new students from the Department as a result.

I enjoy a little break for the holidays too!
Kevin Schaller