View Full Version : Looking for forum rules

Dick Mineo
26th October 2007, 03:06
I know they are here somewhere but can not find them.
It has been a while since I have participated here so please excuse my forgetfulness.

We are supposed to use out signature on each post I believe.
It looks like most have an already prepared signature, along with a quote or what ever they want for a comment added to it.

What are my options and where do I find them ?

Dick Mineo

John Lindsey
26th October 2007, 04:09
Hi Dick,

On the top, inside of every forum is an announcements block. Here is a shortcut to it:


Dick Mineo
26th October 2007, 20:13
Thank you John
I did find that page and also went to my (private messages) page and looked around the (edit profile) section. Still I did not find what ever it is that might automatically sign my post, along with a quote or statement that I like.
Will keep trying, otherwise will just sign my name at the end of each post.
Dick Mineo

P Goldsbury
27th October 2007, 02:08
Hello Dick,

I am not John, but I read your thread here. Try using the User CP menu on the far left-hand side of the desktop, just below the E-Budo logo. If you open this menu, you will see Edit Signature option. You can use this to create the signature that will appear at the bottom of all your posts.

Best wishes,

Peter G.