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3rd November 2007, 15:16
Silk Road Enterprises

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We were experiences many difficulties with our hosting service and have therefore changed to better serve you. Our new address is www.silkroadenterprisecn.com.

To improve your web experience, we try to update our content regularly We have tweaked some of our content and added forms, for your convenience, where you can request a quote/price confirmation or order custom art product.

In addition we have added a Free Download section where you can find free downloads of kanji, clipart, fonts and recipes.

We have recently added images -- Tattoo Kanji, Proverbs (Kanji), Martial Arts Kanji and Clipart in our Free Download section of our website.

Thank you

Fang Mei Chen

Free Downloads Available Now:

Martial Arts Kanji

Mudansha: (those not yet having received a Dan)
10th Kyu - Jukyu
9th Kyu - Kukyu
8th Kyu - Hachikyu
7th Kyu - Nanakyu
6th Kyu - Rokkyu
5th Kyu - Gokyu
4th Kyu - Yonkyu
3rd Kyu - Sankyu
2nd Kyu - Nikyu
1st Kyu - Ikkyu
Yudansha (those with a dan)
1st Dan - Shodan
2nd Dan - Nidan
3rd Dan - Sandan
4th Dan - Yondan
5th Dan - Godan
6th Dan - Rokudan
7th Dan - Shichidan
8th Dan - Hachidan
9th Dan - Kudan
10th Dan - Judan
Sho-go (Title Awards):
San (Mr, Ms)

Japanese and Chinese Proverbs

Better to be Happy than Rich 安貧樂道
Brevity: Fewer Words are Best 少說為佳
Broken Mirror Rejoined 破鏡重圓
The Five Tenets of Confucius 仁義禮智信
Confucius: Golden Rule 己所不欲勿施於人
Drinking the water of a well, ...one should never forget who dug it 吃水不忘掘井人
Learning is Eternal 學無止境
Example is Better than Precept 身教勝於言教
Experience is the ...Mother of Wisdom 經驗是智慧之母
Failure is the ...Mother of Success 失敗是成功之母
Heaven Blesses the Diligent 天道酬勤
Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger 藏龍臥虎
Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood ...and Sisterhood of the World 一視同人
A Deliberate Inaction ...Is Better Than A Blind Action. 一動不如一靜
A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding 淡泊以明志寧靜而致遠

Tattoo Kanji

Balance 平
Believe / Faith / Trust 信
Buddhism / Buddha 佛
Calm / Tranquility 安
Clarity 清
Daoism / Taoism 道
Dragon 龍
Eternity 永
Good Luck / Good Fortune 福
Happiness / Joyful / Joy 禧
Happiness / Joyful / Joy 喜
Heart / Mind / Spirit 心
Life Energy / Spiritual Energy 氣
Listen 聽
Longevity / Long Life 壽
Love 爱
Peace / Harmony 和
Wisdom/Intellect/Reason/Knowledge 智
Zen 禪