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4th January 2001, 17:14
I started playing a new game, called Ultima Online. They feature a samurai class, so I of course chose them, but sadly found that the katana were one handed, and to stay alive I had to use a shield. I brought this up with an admin, who said that no samurai didn't use shields but they weren't always two handed, saying there were those who slapped the enemy's weapon with the saya (?) and that it would not get parry benefits if they made a two handed katana. Are there any known styles or swordsman who made use of a "saya strike" or used their daito one handed?


Ulf Lehmann
4th January 2001, 19:02
So I know, there was some kinds of shields in japanese history, called Tate. But the use of this shields was a little bit different of the common use on asia continent or europe. The Bushi used the shields not for close combat but for protection of arrows or bullets in sieges and battles.

I don´t know any Ryu who slap or parry enemy weapons by the Saya. But there are some Iaijutsu-Kata with movements of pushing a enemy hand or arm by the Tsuka of the sword.
To your other question, all sword-systems (Batto, Iai, Kenjutsu) including one-hand elements. There are no special style of swordsmanship with one hand - except the two sword parts of any Ryu, where you use a sword in both hands.


Ulf Lehmann

5th January 2001, 15:39
In Japanese Koryu Kenjutsu you get extra killing points for having the best unbreakable swords ever made and for being “unkempt” and “wild eyed.”
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