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5th January 2001, 18:05
Looking for some good reference material on Takamatsu_sensei anyone know where I can find any?

Joseph Svinth
6th January 2001, 03:46
Google came up with 434 hits, so you might do some reading there. I liked this one, where Takamatsu Sensei explained how he would fight the professional wrestler Rikidozan:


Speaking of Rikidozan, here's a funny story from Jon Bluming:

Bill Backhus and I were out on the town in Tokyo and a carload of guys cut us off. They were hangers-on of Rikidozan, the professional wrestler, and having just seen him in a match, they thought they were pretty tough. But after we dragged them out of their car and gave them a piece of our mind, we then marched them into the restaurant where Rikidozan went and said, "What is this? You want a fight, well give you a fight!" Rikidozan looked at us and laughed, saying, "What do you guys want for dinner? Its on me, whatever you want." He was a nice guy, actually, and unfortunately died not too long afterwards.