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11th January 2008, 12:11
Dear All,

Does anyone have information on different types of swords and there usage?
I mean swords of different shapes and made of different metals...

There are peculiarities in swords made by different nations.. in different eras. As the science and Metallurgy progressed, there had been modifications in the weapons.

Any information....welcomed.

Mark Murray
11th January 2008, 12:25
Please post your full name in each post. This is a rule on E-Budo and you agreed to do this when you joined.

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11th January 2008, 16:40
Also, that's a very broad question that would be better served by Google. Alternately, you could read around swordforum.com, where there is information on all sorts of swords and an active discussion forum.

12th January 2008, 01:16
Swords may have different shapes and metal, but I'm sure there their usages when they were invented were to poke your enemy with a pointy stick... =)

12th January 2008, 14:04
I need to echo Neil. I feel the question falls into the category of "tell me about swords". Just the idea of discussing architecture as it relates to usage and to metalurgy would---- and has probably---filled libraries. Between GOOGLE and SWORD FORUM I would probably start with searchs on SF. As you narrow down your focus, and come to understand particular keywords I would switch to GOOGLE. FWIW.

Best Wishes,