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will szlemko
13th January 2001, 06:43
Hi all,

I am attempting to track down accurate historical information concerning Jigoro Kano both as it relates to martial arts (not just Judo) and to any other topic. Any help or recommendations of books or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Joseph Svinth
13th January 2001, 07:57
Some online or otherwise easily available articles that I have found helpful include:

Bernett, Hajo. “Das Scheitern der Olympischen Spiele von 1940,” Stadion, 6 (1980). (PP unk; in German.)

Kano, Jigoro. “The Contribution of Jiudo to Education,” Journal of Health and Physical Education, 3 (1932), 37-40, 58; see also JudoInfo.com, http://judoinfo.com/kano.htm

-----. “Jiudo: The Japanese Art of Self Defence,” Living Age, 314 (1922), 724-731; see also http://judoinfo.com/kano2.htm

Hirasawa, K. “The Death of Professor Jigoro Kano, Shi-Han, ” Judo International, ed. by Henri Plée (Paris, 1950), 3-4; see also http://www.kanosociety.org/articles.htm

Lindsay, Thomas and Kano, Jigoro. “The Old Samurai Art of Fighting without Weapons,” Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, XVI, Pt II, reprinted 1915, 202-217; see also JudoInfo.com, http://judoinfo.com/kano6.htm

Maekawa, Mineo. “Jigoro Kano’s Thoughts on Judo, with Special Reference to the Approach of Judo Thought during His Jujutsu Training Years,” Bulletin of the Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan, Report V (1978), reprint from Big Sky Taekwondo and Judo, http://www.bstkd.com/kano1.htm

----- and Hasegawa, Y. “Studies on Jigoro Kano: Significance of His Ideals on Physical Education and Judo,” Bulletin of the Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan, Report II (1963); reprint from Big Sky Taekwondo and Judo, http://www.bstkd.com/jobo.1.htm

Matsudaira, Tsuneo. “Sports and Physical Training in Modern Japan,” Transactions and Proceedings of the Japan Society, London, 8 (1907/1909), 115, 119-120.

Svinth, Joseph R. “Jigoro Kano in North America,” The Kano Society, http://www.kanosociety.org/articles.htm