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Jeff Cook
10th June 2000, 10:41
Just a note for y'all - I will be out of the loop starting this evening until the evening of the 24th (USArmy field training exercise at Ft. Bliss).

Not that I am worried - this has to be the easiest forum to moderate!

Take care.

Jeff Cook

11th June 2000, 10:35
Take care Jeff, don`t worry we will behave.

PS: Does anybody have a match???

Mark Brecht

25th June 2000, 23:57
Hey Jeff,

Were you deployed for Roving Sands '00? Many, many of us here at Bragg were deployed for our part of it, called Purple Dragon '00. How did it go?

William Johnson

Jeff Cook
26th June 2000, 02:55
Hey, William! Yep, you are right - Blowing Dirt 00 was the exercise I just returned from. We had some of your folks from 3-4 ADA (82d Abn Div) as OC's (observer-controllers).

It went very well. No injuries in my battery, evaluations were rated mostly "T" with a few "P's", so we got our overseas deployment certification (it was a platoon - battery METL eval - we already completed crew-level cert before deployment). Got to rub shoulders with some good folks from the 7th UK Regiment; working with foreign troops is always rewarding.

How was your end of the operation? Drop me a line.

Jeff Cook