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13th May 2008, 16:53
I love it when there are success stories about older folks fighting back against the growing criminal element of our society. Here are the stories with my comments added:

Great-Grandma, 83, Fights off Purse Snatcher (http://defendyourself101.ca/articles/great-grandma-83-fights-purse-snatcher)


Woman fights off knife attack (http://defendyourself101.ca/articles/woman-fights-knife-attack)


And one partial success (no one was seriously hurt):
A family member was mugged the other day... (http://defendyourself101.ca/articles/family-member-was-mugged-other-day) street crime awareness

Charles E Davis
23rd May 2008, 12:01
Hi All
I am 64, a certified firearms instructor in MA and also teach martial arts. I have produced a couple of DVD's in Defensive Cane utilizing Hapkido style canes in Rattan and also combat Canes in Cocuss wood. I am interested in storys about elderly people defending themselves with Canes or sticks. Have any of you heard or experienced any such encounters?
BTW, For my Canes and DVD's, check out www.cdavisgroup.com
aka "Ancient Dragon"