View Full Version : How long are posts left on?

Oliver Ryan
18th January 2001, 14:14
I've noticed that the induvidual forums are not as crowded as they used to be, it looks like posts are removed after a certain time limit. Or is it just that those areas just don't have lots of posts?

I was just wondering how long any particular post would remain on the board.

19th January 2001, 13:18
Well, Possibly you haven't seen that there are more than one page if you selected to see all posts. All are there since May, I think, Of 2000. The others were lost in a hard drive crash. As far as I know, none are removed except for repeated infractions of minor rules, etc., or attacking another member. Aside from that, set either your prefs for "show all threads" or do so when inside a thread.

That may fix the problem.:)

Remember there are usually more than one page when you wish to see all or threads of the last 75 days, etc.


John Lindsey
8th February 2001, 12:31
Every few months I go thru a prune out posts over 120 days old. But, these are posts that lack content and mostly fall under the "chat" style of messages.

BTW, if you ever find that a message is missing, it probably was posted in the wrong forum and moved to the correct one.