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Club NIN
3rd June 2008, 21:22
Years ago I worked for/with the CHILD LURES Crime Prevention Program which I presented to over 250,000 kids and teens during a three-year period. I worked with and trained another 40,000+ professionals via in-service seminars as well.

The CHILD LURES program is an excellent resource not only for kids, but ADULTS! I have used the same information to teach adult awareness programs as to how criminals "lure" their victims vs. point a gun or knife at them. This program is not only endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, but also utilized by the U.S. Secret Service.

As well as punching, kicking, etc, let's not forget to teach people how to use their minds and tap into their instincts. Remember, the first step of self-defense is DON'T BE THERE!

Just Google CHILD LURES for more info on that program...

5th June 2008, 10:13
Remember, the first step of self-defense is DON'T BE THERE!

Hi there,

could you explain this to me, I'm afraid I have no idea what is meant by that sentence? Do you mean that you shouldn't be in a dangerous place or...?



Craig Justice
7th June 2008, 01:30
I think he means along the lines of...

"hey look a dark alley lets walk down it!"

"Oh no a mugger, I never saw this coming!"

...kinda thing. Avoid obvious places bad things can happen.

Club NIN
30th June 2008, 17:04
When I first started out years ago in MA training, it was TaeKwonDo and my instructor's instructor visited us one day from Korea. When a student in the class asked, "Master so-and-so, what would you say is the best technique to use in a self-defense situation?" He responded after several moments with "First step of self-defense...NO BE THERE!"

Yes, it means don't put yourself into situations where common sense as well as instinct tell you promise "trouble ahead!" But as criminals have become more sophisticated as con artists, simple "common sense" needs some help via more enhanced awareness training on our part to our students. It's not a gun or knife, according to police reports, that often initiates an attack-- but a "good con/story."

I tell students the greatest weapon you have in your arsenal is the one that nature has provided free of charge-- your BRAIN! ;)