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13th June 2008, 06:42
It is with sadness that I report the loss of Greg Dilley.

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George Kohler
14th June 2008, 13:36
My condolences to his family.

18th June 2008, 21:26

I have known Greg for a few years and met up with him last year when I was in California. He took an instance like to a Nodachi I had with me.

It is sad what has happened, we were exchanging emails on Monday (day before he died as I was packing my bags in Japan to come home). I came home to find his dojo t-shirt he had sent me as a gift. At the time I was opening the package I didnt know he had been dead an hour.

I never got the chance to thank him for his gift.

I will miss the conversations I had with him about swords etc