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18th June 2008, 15:27
Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)
By Jonathan Haas
Forward by Jack Hoban

Since ancient times, stories have abounded about the legendary physical prowess of martial artists.

Today's lifestyle, coupled with a lack of knowledge about how to combine fitness and budo, has led to a rapid decline in martial artists levels of strength and conditioning.

Warrior Fitness (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)will help you and your students attain a new level of strength, flexibility and endurance -- quickly and with little chance of injury.

Warrior Fitness (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)combines old school fitness with modern exercise science.

About The Author:
The exercises, concepts, and ideas within Warrior Fitness were developed slowly over the past several years. Jon's passion for fitness and health maintenance led him to research sports science and exercise physiology from a multitude of sources. He then began applying that knowledge to his own training, and then helping others in their training. Jon has taught Warrior Fitness classes for the past 3 years and has designed several fitness programs for students, friends, family, and co-workers.

Jon has been studying Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for the past 18 years under senior instructor, Jack Hoban. He is currently ranked at 9th dan.

Please visit Warrior Fitness (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)for further information!

George Kohler
18th June 2008, 17:19
Hi Jon,

I moved it here to get more exposure.

I've been working on fitness recently, so I have purchased a few books from the boxing/martial side of fitness. Couple of the books I have are:

Never Gymless
Infinite Intensity - both by Ross Enamait (www.rosstraining.com or www.rossboxing.com)
Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout - by Martin Rooney

What are the differences between your book and the others?


18th June 2008, 19:37
Hi George,

Thanks for moving my post; I wasn't quite sure where to place it.

To answer your question, the main difference I see between my book and Ross Enmait's books (I have not seen Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout - by Martin Rooney) is that Ross' books are geared specifically towards the combat athlete. His background, as you know, is boxing, as both an athlete and a coach.

My book is geared towards the martial artist who is looking to increase their levels of fitness and conditioning, but at the same time work on injury prevention, and health maintenance exercises. This is done with an emphasis on joint mobility exercise, yoga flexibility work, and breathing exercises. In this way, the martial artist is able to recover quicker from the prescribed workouts and keep their growth balanced.

Thanks for the question!

20th June 2008, 01:58
I just uploaded the Table of Contents for the Warrior Fitness (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)book to my website. Please check it out at http://www.warriorfitness.org/blog.cfm


Dean Whittle
20th June 2008, 04:21

It looks like an interesting book.

Can you explain what you mean by 'Proprioception'.


With respect

20th June 2008, 11:57
Hi Dean,

Proprioception is basically your body's position sense of itself in space. Information is collated from sensory recptors in your tendons, joints, and muscles, called proprioceptors. Your ability to close your eyes and touch your nose is due to proprioception. :)

Hope this is helpful!

1st July 2008, 15:05
New article, Warrior Fitness Book FAQs (http://www.warriorfitness.org/articles.cfm?aid=3)up now! Please check it out.

7th July 2008, 19:22
New article: "Are You FIT to be a Warrior?" (http://www.warriorfitness.org/articles.cfm?aid=4)now up. Please check it out!


14th July 2008, 00:12
An excellent review of Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts (http://www.warriorfitness.org/blog.cfm)has been written by Alex Meehan of the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo. Please Check it out!

31st July 2008, 20:43
A new feature has been added to the Warrior Fitness website. Announcing the Warrior Fitness Workout of the Week!! (http://www.warriorfitness.org/blog.cfm)

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29th August 2008, 14:47
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4th September 2008, 02:39
Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)

By Jonathan Haas
Forward by Jack Hoban

Now available in E-Book format!

Warrior Fitness covers:
Joint mobility
Flow drills
Breathing exercises
Strength exercises
Conditioning exercises
And much more...

Click here (http://www.warriorfitness.org/products.cfm)to learn more.

Praise for the Warrior Fitness Book:

As for the book, I really enjoyed it for several reasons. Though being familiar with most of the drills, (in that respect it wasn't new info) I decided to approach it from a beginner/intermediate level practitioner's view point. That being said I found it to be clear and easily digestable. What I like about your style of writing/descripions is that though your training is in Bujinkan (with a little Z/Rmax thrown in :)), the drills and progressions are 'style-less'. I also liked the cycles in the back, allowing one not well versed in setting up a training/conditioning program to get right into it. I will recommend this book to my students who are interested in augmenting their s/c programs. It's really accessible info.

- John Heinz, RKC Team Leader

The book is great! If you write any more books or anything like that please email me!

- Steve W.

Hi everyone. I think those of us who have immersed ourselves in Budo Taijutsu will benefit tremendously by adding Jon's book to our library. Just received my copy yesterday and I look forward to adding these fitness drills and techniques to our program.

Jon has great insight into exercise physiology and methodology and his explanations are clear and concise. Get a personally autographed copy today and get onto the road of being in top physical fitness. This book could not have come at a better time. Even the U.S. Army is in the early stages of revamping their entire fitness program with a new training manual soon to be released. Take care!

- Dave Furukawa

Just received my copy today. It's not as "demanding" as Systema conditioning drills (though the potential is certainly there!), but it covers a lot of material which is "foundational" to what we do and is written from a "Bujinkan-centric" perspective. There are very good reasons for referring to it as "warrior conditioning" as distinct from, say, "mixed martial arts athletic conditioning". In my personal opinion, EVERYONE IN MY DOJO SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THIS BOOK.

That's about as strong an endorsement as I can think of.

- Dale Seago

Hello Jon: Your Warrior Fitness book will become a classic for all serious practitioners. It is a very clear and practical manual with all the essentials well covered.

- Ron F.

I am a student of Dale in SF. I have been in martial arts about 30 years (karate, aikido, tai chi, chi kung) but only 4-5 years in the Bujinkan.

I got the book today and just finished actively reading it. I mean I was actually playing with the flow exercises and intend to go out tomorrow and do the circuit. The jo climbing and jo pushups are the most difficult for me - I saw it on Systema video too. I t is a nice goal to aspire to be able to do. I really appreciate your putting together in a coherent way so many core exercises!

I really like the book. It is well organized and provides a lot of useful information. I knew probably 70%-80% of it but it was really worth it to read for the remaining 20% plus getting another angle at it!! Thanks for sharing and publishing the book.

... And it is so true about being able to trust yourself by keeping the commitments.

- Mariusz N.

19th September 2008, 01:25
A new article has been posted to the Warrior Fitness website detailing a "Sample Warrior Fitness Workout Program" (http://www.warriorfitness.org/articles.cfm?aid=7).

I hope you enjoy it!!


24th November 2008, 19:05
Hi Everyone,

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us put on some extra, unwanted pounds. Check out the latest Warrior Fitness article, "Tis the Season to be Eating!" for some tips to to combat the holiday weight gain.

The article can be found here: