View Full Version : what's the best karate movie?

brendan V Lanza
25th June 2008, 08:22
I have always enjoyed watching martial art films, some of my favorites include Kill Bill, The Karate Kid 2, kickboxer, and Ninja vs Shaolin (Heroes of the East is an alternate title). I was wondering what are some of the best Karate films or martial arts films in general, in your (e-budo members) opinions.

Simon Keegan
25th June 2008, 12:30
The new one Kura Obi is alright.

25th June 2008, 14:33
my vote goes to Kuro Obi as well.

25th June 2008, 21:47
I am a sucker for Bloodsport and my all time favorites Enter the Dragon and Return of the Dragon, both Bruce lee movies. Great fighting scenes. The latter has a wide array of different Martial arts portrayed versus each other.
Plot wise and great sword play......Zataoichi the Blind Swordsman FTW.
Last but not least who can forget Seagal Senseis' movie Under Seige 1...total Aiki destruction,lol. I Think master Ueshiba may have frowned a little bit about this movie in his latter years had he been around.

25th June 2008, 23:32
I second Zataoichi.

I also really loved Hero and House of Flying Daggers.:D

brendan V Lanza
26th June 2008, 04:01
I also like Bloodsport, even though Dux may be a fraud, it is a good yarn that he spun and a classic martial arts flick. I really like the Korean film, Fighter in the Wind, the Mas Oyama story for all my Kyokushin brothers out there. Osu! Also, I will have to check out Zaiotaichi and Kura Obi. I really liked American Ninja (no. 1 and 2, but not the others), actually. It's funny also, because as a martial artist I know that all the scenes were theatrical, but I still like Mortal Kombat.

K. Fredheim
26th June 2008, 09:37
Not karate, but I really like Ong-bak and Tom yum goong. Tony Jaa is amazing!

brendan V Lanza
27th June 2008, 16:06
Budo or not, Tony Jaa is amazing, he's friends with my ex muay thai teacher, the only non-budo martial art that i took besides boxing and tae kwon do. They did a promotional exhibition together here in korea when his second movie came out. He can do amazing things off the screen, it's not effects.

brendan V Lanza
5th July 2008, 16:55
I just finished it, I thought that it was great. It's now in my top ten list. Thanks guys. Do you know of any other movies of a similar aura?