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21st July 2008, 03:45
Hi everyone,
In the past I've run across the term "kyohachiryu"-- the "eight styles of the capital." My understanding is that these were eight major sword schools in the Kyoto area that flourished during the Muromachi period. Unfortunately, my searches so far have turned up little data beyond that.

In one of the essays in Old School, Ellis Amdur left me with the impression that the Kyohachiryu were all related in some way to students of Nen Ami Jion. On a couple of websites and forum posts, I've seen Kurama Ryu and the school of the Yoshioka family listed as part of the Kyohachi Ryu, but I'm not even sure if that's accurate. Beyond that, I have pretty much nothing to go on.

Anyone out there know a bit more about the Kyoto schools and feel like tossing me a few tidbits of information to satisfy my random curiosity?


Max Chouinard
21st July 2008, 17:38
The Kyo ryu was considered mostly a legend even in the Edo period. It was supposedly founded in the XIth century by Kiichi Hogen who transmitted it to eight monks of mt. Kurama. Kyo hachi ryu refers to the eight major schools (like Kurama ryu, Hojo ryu, Yoshioka ryu, Yoshitsune ry, Chujo ryu) around Kyoto who claimed to be descendants of Kyo ryu, but no historical proof can be made to back these claims.

Kenji Tokitsu wrote a bit about it here (french only): http://www.tokitsu.com/presentation/articles/fr/etude-sur-les-maitres-du-sabre-japonais-bokuden-2/kyoto-capitale-du-siecle-ecoles-sabre-shogun-lecole-ochiai-moment.html

21st July 2008, 22:35
Thanks a lot, Max. Sadly, I can't read the French website on my own, but I appreciate your explanation.