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30th July 2008, 18:48
It looks like I am moving to Pullman, Washington in a couple months. I am looking for advice on dojos there. My background is in Aikido (Nikkyu) and Seibukan jujutsu (my shodan is in a couple of weeks, this (http://www.seibukanjujutsu.com/) is what I am referring to, as there are a number of arts that go by that name). This move is short-term (probably a couple of years). I will continue to train when I can in Seibukan jujutsu, as there is a dojo in Tacoma, but it is too far to go on regular basis. I want to use this as an opportunity to improve my striking skills by cross-training in a Karate dojo. Does anybody here know about the dojos in Pullman or Moscow, ID? I have found a Kyokushin dojo there, which I am leaning toward, and a Kokondo dojo, which does not seem to have a good reputation from what I have read.

Any help would be appreciated.

Neil Yamamoto
30th July 2008, 20:10
The kyokushin dojo has a good solid reputation as far as I know. They have several dojo across the state that have spawned off this dojo. Only other karate in eastside of WA state I've seen that wasn't TKD is the jundokan group in Spokane and the branch in Clarkston, WA.

There is supposed to be an ASU affilated aikido dojo on campus at the Smith Gym at WSU. I believe there is also capoeria, TKD, tai chi, kendo and a judo group on campus as well. I don't recall details but a google search should turn those up as well. Good luck in the search.

Brian Owens
30th July 2008, 20:57
I don't know anything about the Kyokushinkai group, but my late teacher and friend Jerry Ferguson at one time trained with Chinen Sensei at the Spokane Jundokan and spoke highly of it.

For a short video interview with Chinen Sensei, see this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=GOE67_4HnKQ (It's an old video.)

30th July 2008, 22:00
I just moved from Pullman.

The kyokushin group is headed by John Adams. A couple of my friends trained with them and they're pretty good. Their website is located here. (http://www.nwkyokushin.com/) I believe they train Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9pm.

There is an Aikido group in Pullman, ASU affiliated, the instructor is currently Robert Ferguson. (One of the other teachers recently moved away.) I've trained with them before, I enjoyed working with them. They usually train M-Th, 5:30pm-7pm

The Judo group usually trains M, W, F from 8-10pm. Tend to do a fair amount of newaza since there's a BJJ blue belt and a few other jujutsu folks. Instructor for next year I believe is a shodan. But there should still be some rather talented people around.

There is/was an MMA/jujutsu club but I'm not sure if they're currently training or not. (Some of the judoists might know.)

There's also another Aikido group in Moscow, affiliated with AAA. A hapkido group at WSU. I believe another group that does shotokan or goju ryu karate also at WSU. There is capoeira, but I have not seen them in person. There is also a TKD group.

To the best of my knowledge, Kendo and Tai Chi are no longer offered. (Kendo instructor left a few years ago, the tai chi/aikido instructor left but should return in 1-2 years.)

30th July 2008, 22:30
Wow, thanks for the help. Especially Gregory. I will look more when I get there, but it sounds like I will have plenty of options. I like the idea of training in kyokushin, as I think it would round me out. My training to date has been very good on throws and locks, but a little weak on striking. If I can continue to train in Aikido as well, that is a bonus.