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K Keckeisen
13th August 2008, 22:13
Hey everyone, Just wondering if their any Aiki Jujutsu dojos in Minnesota / Upper Mid-West.

Kasey Keckeisen
Dojo-Cho Keishoukan Dojo

Kyro Lantsberger
14th August 2008, 04:34
Hi Kasey, what a small world. Dont think Ive run into you in over 10 years.I went to Mankato State same time you did. Had some classes with Dr. Lewinski together I think, as well as Judo phy ed!

In terms of your question. I know that there were some Kaze Arashi Ryu guys in the metro area. Not sure if they still teach/train or what their status is.

Im in Owatonna, an hour south of you if you were just looking for somebody to train something specific with.

Terrific website, good to see you stuck to your path.

K Keckeisen
14th August 2008, 13:55
Hey great to hear from you! Yeah if you ever want to do some training or start a study group as suggested on this thread that would be great. Thanks for checking out the site, as you can see I have a Dojo we can use to train.

Other location options might be to meet in Mankato with the MSU Aikido club. The new martial arts room at MSU has alot of open mat time too. Or if you have a place in Owatana we could use we could try that too.

Let me know if your are interested

Kasey Keckeisen

Mark Raugas
14th August 2008, 16:06
Avoid the Kaze Arashi Ryu if you are looking for authentic aikijujutsu (e.g. Daito-ryu). KAR is a mix of kempo, judo, 50's era aikido, with some Daito-ryu waza thrown in, and a lot of made-up weapons forms which the teacher in Minneapolis is, unfortunately, a big fan of.

Nathan Scott
14th August 2008, 17:04
Mr. Keckeisen,

I merged your thread with the existing one that was conveniently located on page two of this forum.

FWIW, I also second passing on Kaze arashi-ryu. If you care at all about the background of the art you intend to study, search out a legitimate branch of Aikijujutsu or don't bother, in my opinion.


K Keckeisen
14th August 2008, 22:04
Oops, I looked for an exisiting DR. in Minnesota thread must have missed it. Thanks for the advice.

K Keckeisen
14th August 2008, 22:07

Now that I see the merged thread I think you have Minnesota MN, combined with Maryland MA.

Thats a long commute

Nathan Scott
15th August 2008, 16:47
Oops, looks like I screwed up. There WAS a previous thread for Minnesota, but I guess it was mis-labeled. I've got it worked out now.

Good luck in finding a dojo,