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17th August 2008, 11:36
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Hello Everyone,

I am in the preliminary stages of planning a new new event which will focus on Japanese martial arts and culture. I am writing various people (mostly in the Austin area) who might either be interested in participating or who might be able to provide input that will help shape the event. Below is an overview of the event and questions related to the various aspects of the event. f you would be willing to provide any input it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to be removed from this distribution list, please let me know and I will do so. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

The event will effectively be a Bushido festival. Though, the focus will be primarily Japanese martial arts, it will also encompass Japanese visual and performing arts, religion and culture.

Charitable Cause:
One of the things that is being considered is to have the event benefit a charity. If that direction is taken the first choice would be the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America (www.tsubakishrine.com). The Tsubaki Shrine is the only full time active Shinto shrine in North America.

Spring 2010

Currently under consideration is the Austin Convention Convention Center and the AT&T Conference Center. In the future, other venues may also be considered.

This will be a convention type event and may include demonstrations, classes, movie screenings, and vendor area.

1) From an event that bills itself as a Bushido festival, what sort of things would you expect to see and do?

2) If there was a vendor area, what sort of vendors would you want to see?

3) If there was a movie screening area, what movies do you think would be appropriate? What movies would you like to see?

4) What demonstrations or classes (martial arts or otherwise) would you like to see? How long do you think these demonstrations and classes should be? Is there anyone in particular you would want to see giving those presentations?

5) For an event that includes demonstrations, classes, a movie area and a vendors area, what would you be be willing to pay.

6) If you were to be a vendor, what would you be willing to pay for a 10' x 10' space?

7) If you were to place an ad in the event program or have banner advertizing at the event, what would you be willing to spend on these things?

8) If you were to provide a class or demonstration at the event, what, if anything, would you expect in return?

9) Do you have any other ideas, questions or concerns about this event?