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John McCulloch
21st August 2008, 21:33
Russian rikishi Wakanoho has been expelled by the Nihon Sumo Kyokai for possessing marijuana - story here (http://mdn.mainichi.jp/national/news/20080821p2a00m0sp015000c.html).

Goodbye Wakanoho and your appalling henka.

John McCulloch

22nd August 2008, 02:26
Greetings All,

While scores of rikishi have habitually abused alcohol and over-eaten themselves into a dangerous diabetic condition, nothing has been done about it, in comparison to this severe decree. Is the Nihon Sumo Kyokai over-reacting? :redhot: Maybe I'm too stoned to be a reliable judge? Pardon me while I select the appropriate Bob Marley CD for some inspired background music. :D Granted, marijuana is illegal and especially in Japan using it is a big offense. Now, Wakanoho certainly should have been aware of the monumental risk, so I can't feel too much pity for him. The restricted lifestyle of a Sekiwaki is very, very, very monitored. Shouldn't the kid have been conscious of this all-pervasive fact? How did he get this far without getting caught before? Doesn't he have any sense of self-restraint? While Wakanoho was hardly my favorite rikishi... I feel some sense of conundrum that it was not injury, nor old age that sent him packing for home but rather, his own stupidity. He had quite a bit of natural ability, despite his awkward delivery and his habit of resorting to cowardly henkas and such. Can you imagine how much money, in potential earnings, he just tossed out the window? Is it too mean to call him "Dumb Ass"? Oh well, I guess it serves as a warning for other rikishi. "Drink up Boys and have a few dozen more donuts. Just stay away from the weed!" :toast:

Be well and practice often, Jon Palombi :smilejapa

Mark Murray
22nd August 2008, 16:05
Please watch your language.

Thank you,

22nd August 2008, 18:39
Sorry Folks,

Mark, I am truly sorry to have crossed the line. Please let me re-phrase it. Perhaps it would have been better to say, "Foolish young man"? Probably, as he must be feeling terrible enough on his own. :cry: Again, I meant no real slander against Wakanoho and will henceforth watch my P's and Q's. As an afterthought, ya do have to feel some sympathy for a talented kid who didn't see the obvious writing on the wall. ...And after fighting that hard, against untold obstacles, to make it to Makuuchi. Pity.

Later Gang, Jon Palombi :smilejapa

John McCulloch
8th September 2008, 17:03
Roho and Hakurozan (the two Russian brothers) are dismissed by the Japan Sumo Association for marijuana use and the Association Chairman (Kitanoumi) resigns.

Full story here (http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20080908p2a00m0na004000c.html)

Mienoumi will become the new Chairman.

My prediction for the September Grand Tournament - more drama (if there's anyone left)!

John McCulloch

8th September 2008, 22:43

I sure hope all of this mess doesn't interfere with the scheduled Tokyo Basho, starting on Sunday. Could it? The last thing Grand Sumo need is more bad press! :eek:

Funny, I didn't realize Russians were such heads. You would have thought Konishiki, Akebono and Musashimaru would be more likely to smoke pot, while in Japan. Yet, they managed to control themselves. They did, didn't they? Hmmmm???

Don't these Russian boys know how serious an offense it is in Japan? :redhot: You just don't do certain things overseas. I suppose they are painfully aware of it now... :cry: For crying-out-loud, the life of a sumo rikishi is an intensely traditional life-style. So, why get this involved, only to take such an extremely foolish risk? After all, there is plenty of sake in Japan. :toast: So long comrades...

Be well and practice often, Jon Palombi :smilejapa

Andrew S
23rd September 2008, 22:35
While I haven't been keeping up with the media circus over the issue, the local weeklies are implying that at least 2 Japanese rikishi tested positive on initial tests but were reclassed as negative, and that at least one wasn't tested at all.