View Full Version : Just fwiw -- antique set

29th August 2008, 04:10
I was talking with a friend recently about an antique go set he found in a barn at an estate sale in Montana. And as I browsed through e-budo I realized there was a go-section here.

Ted Tenold is well known in sword circles for his sword restoration, polishing and mounting work. Anyway, he has an antique go board he found at an estate sale for sale on his website. Big, heavy board (in need of a lot of TLC), 3 cups with cracks, but with a good number of pieces, the white pieces look like clamshell and the black pieces look like slate. Those are probably the really nice parts of this thing.

Anyway, he rescued it from the estate sale and has it up on his site. Basically he just didn't want to see it end up cut up as fire starter pieces...

So fwiw. The link.


Mods, if this is inappropriate, by all means move and/or delete, I understand fully. These things are hard to find and this set is pretty beat up. Mostly it was about trying to save something someone out there might really cherish. I spend a lot of time working with antiques and I hate to see anything like that end up in a garbage heap... Hopefully it will find a good home with someone somewhere instead.