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2nd September 2008, 15:48

I've got a question about the kata "Yakaa no Tonfa" in some german books is this kata mentioned but not in which style it is trained. I've look at the Taira-Akamine and Taira-Inoue Linage and which kata's are trained there, and to Matayoshi Kobudo but dont find it there. And over google I also dont get many hits.
Can anybody tell, in which school it is taught? And what the origin of the kata is?

Thanks for your help,


3rd September 2008, 20:23
Hi Thomas; there is also a Yakaa no Sai. Maybe from the same group. So you have 2 Yakaa to maybe track the Yakaa no Tonfa back to.
thank you
bill steigner

3rd September 2008, 21:45
Hello Bill,

I'll now the "Yakaa no Sai" and it isn't trained by the same groupe as the "Yakaa no Tonfa". The "Yakaa no Sai" is trained at the Taira-Akamine and Taira-Inoue Linage.

But thanks for the idea.