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13th August 2001, 15:17
Hi all

I am pretty sure I know the answer ("no") to this question but does anyone know of any Daito Ryu in England.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Many thanks
James Ball

Arne Oster
14th August 2001, 07:54


3rd October 2008, 16:29

I have recently moved to London and I would like to continue my practice in Daito Ryu. So if anyone is interested in learning/practicing Daito Ryu in London, feel free to contact me here...


Gavin Slater

Nathan Scott
3rd October 2008, 18:46
I've merged this thread with an existing one.

The above link is b/o. Here is the new link:


The instructor is Quentin Ball, who apparently studied with Okabayashi Shogen (Hakuhoryu). They appear to be located in Brockworth, Gloucester:

+44 (0) 1452 372500 phone

Don't know of any other legit AJJ training in the UK. Perhaps he would though.


4th October 2008, 00:10
There are actually two Hakuhoryu dojos in England. You can find all the information you need at Quentin's website:


I had the pleasure of training with him for a week last year, when he attended a seminar our dojo hosted. He is an excellent person, martial artist, and teacher.

5th October 2008, 11:08
Thanks Nathan and Jose.

16th April 2011, 13:07
The club I belonged to (UK branch of Nippon Budoin Seibukan), closed down some 9 months ago now. A few of us managed to stick together, we found some space at a local gym, where we were able to continue training. No new students were invited to join. although there was some interest from people training other arts in the gym. As there is no affiliation with any organisation, we kept it a closed group just concentrating on Jujutsu and Iai. Unfortunately due to government cuts the gym has now been closed down (So much for their concern for obese youth) We recently attended a Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei seminar in the Netherlands, which we all enjoyed very much and we have continued to train what we learned, along with what we have gathered from various approved media.Now that the gym has closed, we are trying to find some where to train, if we could find a Daito Ryu club in London that would be great, however, we know that is easier said than done, considering all that I have read on these forums. We have found one club in London http://www.daito-ryu.co.uk/index.php?f=data_daito_ryu_uk&a=0 has anyone got any experience or knowledge of this club?
Any general advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend.
Sean Halpin.

Jose Garrido
20th April 2011, 03:26
From what I read on this site this is a group affiliated with Certa Sensei. It is not a Daito-ryu mainline dojo under Kondo sensei's auspices.

Jose Garrido

20th April 2011, 09:44
Thank you Jose. I now have the information I require, regarding this group.
Sean Halpin.