View Full Version : Any of you practicing Zen meditation (zazen)?

17th October 2008, 17:13
I've been practicing budo for 20 years ans zen meditation for 14 years, and the two has the same essence. They are two sides of the same coin. Before every lessons, we practice zazen.

Anyone elso practicing zen?


Brian Owens
18th October 2008, 11:35
"...Anyone elso practicing zen?"


Fudoshin Bushi
8th December 2008, 09:10
Yes, practising for 6 years now. Almost every lesson at my Dojo begins with some Zazen.

When at home, generally I enjoy 15 minutes every day of meditation (not exactly Zazen, but various methods based on Chan Buddhism)

I know what you mean about sharing the same ideals - Zen influenced almost every part of traditional Japanese culture, including the Martial Arts of course.

Darren Ball.

17th January 2009, 03:28
I have been practicing zen for a moment now, I set some time aside when waking up and before going to bed to meditate.

Also, I've lately been trying to be more "present" in everything I do, trying to bring awareness, or consciousness if you will, in every action. It brings an interesting quality to anything we do, although it requires quite a lot of attention, which is a good practice in itself :)