View Full Version : Missouri Budo Taijutsu Bujinkan Dojo Grand Reopening!!

18th October 2008, 21:58
I would just like to let everyone know that the Missouri Budo Taijutsu Bujinkan Dojo has reopened in St.Louis Missouri.

Under the continued guidence of Shidoshi Ken E. Harding, the MBdojo is back and better than ever.

With a Bojutsu seminar already scheduled for November 15th, we will be providing quarterly seminars. Any and all Bujinkan members are welcome to attend.

Here is the link for the seminar:


Any training inquiries should be sent to:




Thanks and I hope to see everyone soon!!

23rd October 2008, 17:08

About time too.

He has been missed and its good to hear he is back in action

Next time I am in the states I will come visit (again)

23rd October 2008, 20:36
Thank you Mr. Richardson!!

It would be our pleasure and honor to have you for a seminar again. Funny, I had just sent an Email your way mentioning that very thing before coming here and reading this post. Isn't synchronisity a wonderful thing!?

I also agree that it has been far too long since the doors were open but that is no longer a problem.

Truly, things are indeed back on track and better than ever.

Look to hear lots more positive stuff coming from our direction!