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27th January 2001, 15:27
I currently live and work in Fujian Provence, PROC. I trained with the Bujinkan for 9 years and at the same time practiced and learned Liuhebafa chuan. I have other training in the past. Destiny and circumstances have lead me to China. No Ninpo teachers here, as you might guess. I am learning a very classical and traditional style of Yang Tai Chi (very different from most seen in the USA) and Hsin Yi Chuan ( the bullet mentality and movement). I hope to get to Japan next year to train if I can find work. I am trying to resolve several questions in my mind? It seems difficult in China, at this time, to locate a system of martial arts that contains in it both the bullet mentality of Hsin Yi and the circling and stepping around of Aiki-jutsu, Ninpo, etc. Both to me are important in my training and understanding, Also, I am interested in the practices of "Nei Ja Chuan" of Taoist based martial arts systems, emphasing effortless power, non-resistance, and learning to harmonize Yin and Yang, for starter. What are your experiences and opinions about these issues?
Thank you.
James Fraser