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29th October 2008, 21:10
Fellow students and lovers of Ninpo who are in Los Angeles:

I seek to be re-connected with my former Sensei Mark Franco, with whom I did train in Santa Monica, in the years 2002-2003.

My name is Francis ( Frank ) O'Neill. Another Franko, I suppose. Anyways, if someone could please pass on my contact information to Mr. Franco, I would indeed be grateful.


Mark, I wish to train again. I have meditated these last years on my fundamental problem: I am now certain that I can not develop the 'Fudo Shin', as such would mean changing who I am. I am happy-hearted by nature, and such is unchangeable. Yet, out of courtesy to all with whom I did train, I extracted myself from the group, given my inability to fake a cold-heart, if for even training purposes. I wish harm upon no one and no thing. Such is my way, such is my innate character.

Mark, if you feel that I would not hinder the group's learning, I would much appreciate rejoining, as Ninpo has taught me much beyond the more mundane preservation and perserverance. It is especially meditating upon the meaning of the radical NIN, that has brought me to understand that my nature can not change, and I should not attempt to intend harm to someone with whom I train and am a comrade. My third-grade-book-report of what I have learned about myself these last few years of introspection: I like what I see. I can not change it. I can not learn to fake the intention to harm anyone. Nor want to. Yet I see the endemic problem: the need to preserve my nature. And that is what I wish to continue to learn -- to protect my heart and its purity from harm both internal or external.

Oddly enough, I have also learned that some of the roots of my problem with developing the 'fudo shin', or immovable heart may well be genetic. My mother has been studying a martial art, independent of me, these last few years. Her fencing teacher and her martial arts instructor both have the same issue with her inability to intend harm. Odd...

Yet I should perservere in the study of an art which has enriched my life and appreciation thereof in many other ways. To learn to preserve my innocence, and perservere at learning this art, as I have in both the Genbukan and Bujinkan lines, for nearly 2 decades.
The same issue I have encountered while studying the Genbukan line of Ninpo under Chadwick Minge, of the Yamato Dojo, in Studio City.

I would return to Sensei Minge, yet my job and world revolve around Culver-City and East-Los Angeles.

The 20-year white-belt I may remain, to my utter end. Black belt was never my goal. Nor was self-defense ever my attraction to Ninpo. I came for the formal and ritualized education about Japan, its culture and history, Mikyo Buddhism, the spiritual and energy aspects, and the comradery. There is something oddly familiar in this art, which draws me to it.

Also, please contact me especially in that I have an opportunity to present to you:

A NINPO STUDIO OF YOUR VERY OWN, IN BOYLE HEIGHTS ( corner of 1st Street and Boyle Avenue -- a stone's throw from Little Tokyo )

If you are interested, I present you the space PRO BONO. And also note that I can get you funding from the MTA to teach Ninpo to the barrio. Quiza no sabias que soy Mexicano tambien, crecido del bario, y que mi mama es la duena de la quadra alli, endonde la boyle y la primera cruzan...

LLamame por favor.


Frank O'Neill ( Franko )

30th October 2008, 05:59

I just sent you a pm with his email and I have sent him an email also telling him to look at this post. If he says its ok I will send you his phone number