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4th November 2008, 15:55
Does anyone knows a good Bo Master in Texas? I would like to learn advance Bo Katas.

6th November 2008, 02:17
I would like to learn the advanced bo kata also. But I am starting at the beginning and working my way up.That is how you get to the advanced ones in the Tesshinkan organization.

I do not know of a teacher in Texas but I am sure there are some.

What bo kata do you consider to be advanced?

What bo kata do you consider to not be advanced?

What bo kata do you already know?

With a sign in handle like yours,Kobudo,I assume you must have a history of some weapons practice.

Tom Hodges

16th November 2008, 17:36
All of the teachers that have come from the Taira - Akamine line have stressed that learning the technique through the basics is the most important step.

I am working on Choun no Kun and Shirotaru no Kon.

The second is the compulsory Kata for 5th Dan for the Bo.

I practice the following Bo Kata as well.

Shushi no Kon Sho
Sakugawa no Kon Sho
Shushi no Kon Dai
Sakugawa no Kon Dai
Yonegawa no Kon (Yuniga no Kun)

17th November 2008, 03:54
Hello Jurgens sensei.It seems Tamayose sensei must have rearranged the required kata a little. Shirataru no Kun is required for yondan in the Tesshinkan.I am working on Sakagawa no Kun Dai for sandan.
do the following kata:
Shushi no Kun Sho
Sakagawa no Kun Sho
Shushi no Kun Dai

Shapland sensei has taught us Yonegawa(Yuniga)no Kun but we do not work on it very often,we try to work on the ones at our levels mostly. He has also taught us a bo tai bo kumite drill we like to work on as well as bo tai sai.

I also do Tokumine no Kun from the Isshinryu weapons.

I really look forward to Choun no Kun,it is practiced by most of the Okinawan weapons systems and will be fun to have for comparison reasons.

The tenth birthday of the Tesshinkan is next year,09. We will be celebrating it with Shapland sensei and Tamayose sensei the week before the World Tournament in Naha. I hope we get a chance to meet this time.

Tom Hodges

19th November 2008, 22:14
Hi Tim,
I just got on board with E Budo