View Full Version : Jujutsu in London

13th November 2008, 18:52
Hi, I'm new to these forums. My name's Alex.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a traditional Japanese jujutsu school in London, England. Based on what research I've done, I'm most interested in shindo yoshin ryu, but as far as I can tell there's nowhere in the UK that teaches it. If anyone knows of a shindo yoshin dojo in London, or one that teaches something similar, I'd be very grateful for any information.


14th November 2008, 05:51
Currently there is no Shindo Yoshin ryu in England. The closest would be the groups in Spain.

The person you should talk to about London is Steve Delaney who is a member here and comes highly recommended. I think he is connected to the Tenshin Shinyo ryu which is one of the parent arts of SYR.