View Full Version : Tulsa Taijutsu Shibu in Tulsa, OK

8th December 2008, 14:48
Tulsa Taijutsu Shibu teaches a skill called Budo Taijutsu meaning "skill with the body," He under the direct guidance Shidoshi Aric Keith. The self defense art of the ninja. Budo Taijutsu operates on simply methodology of “least amount of effort maximum results” By developing natural responses with the body during initial training; physical lessons are created and used as models for psychological and tactical instruction in advanced studies.

Budo Taijutsu relies on the body's resiliency, opportunity of response, flexibility of movement, and an understanding of the principles of nature for successful results in self-protection. Come learn the art of the ninja. The prices are $55 a month plus you get one free class. Also we have student TCC discounts as well. Room is limited!!! Please contact the head instructor for details email address is tulsataijutsuok@yahoo.com :)