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8th December 2004, 11:39
I am currently living in JPN and was wondering if anyone has any experience with Meifu Ryu. I have seen the books and videos and wondered if anyone here has seen them and their opinions to other shuriken schools.

My Japanese is still at a basic/intermidiate level and i was wondering if any other non-Japanese train there..?

Thanks for your opinions in advance.

16th December 2004, 12:56
if you mean the Meifu Shinkage Ryu of Tokyo there is someone who might be able to help you. Log in to the Bujinkan Discussion Board www.kutaki.org and search for the name of the school. A user nicknamed Danny will appear with a few postings. He might help you.


Jason W
17th December 2004, 13:57
I've found Otsuka Sensei to be a very genuine, honest, and generous man in my communications with him over the net, and through several aquaintences who have gone and met him. His shuriken skills are very good too - he loves the art and is doing a great job keeping it alive. Danny is a Bujinkan guy who now also trains in MSR with Otsuka Sensei, and has many good things to say about him.

Well worth paying him a visit - he's very approachable.

good luck, and let us know how you go!


Jason Wotherspoon

25th December 2008, 21:41

I hope my post is allowed at this position, if not please move it to the right sub-forum.

We are very proud to announce the first Meifu-Shinkage ryu seminar in Bremen, Germany.

Daniel Esteban from Spain, direct student of the current Soke, Yasuyuki Otsuka Sensei, will come to Bremen to give an introduction into the schools curriculum.

We will work on Shuriken-jutsu and Fundokusari-jutsu.

The seminar is held on February 14th and 15th in Bremen, Germany.
Timetable: Saturday - 10am - 1pm and 4pm to 7pm and Sunday - 10am to 1/2pm

Fees: 60 Euro/complete seminar

For further information/the official announcement please visit http://www.geocities.jp/meifuenglish/1p.html

We hope to see many interested people in Bremen.

Kind regards,
Michael Reinhardt
Aikido-Zen Bremen e.V.