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16th January 2009, 19:12
Hi folks,

For those interested, there is a new website for our Takeuchi ryu training group in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Haven't been around here much lately, hope everyone is well.

Joel Simmons
17th January 2009, 03:33
Good to see fellow Takeuchi-ryu people doing well.


17th January 2009, 05:47
Well I do declare!

Joel, PM inbound.

20th January 2009, 04:34
Cool website Al...

And there's a photo of the back of my shaven head heading up to the Yama no Dojo last Ryusosai too...Well, even more reason for me to declare it a fine website...

(Cause' if there was a photo of the front of my head it would be so much worse..).

Joel Simmons
23rd January 2009, 02:34
Excellent website.

Kit - Got your message.

Ben - Looks like you guys had fun. Wish I could've made it. :(

Steve Delaney
23rd January 2009, 11:31

Very nice website mate.

Will you coming to Kyoto this year as well?

23rd January 2009, 18:51
Hi Steve,

Thanks. I can't take credit for the site itself. I'm just the messenger. Personally I like the simplicity and crispness of it.

I wish I was heading to Kyoto soon. New family, new business preclude me from any pilgrimages for the time being. I am finding it hard enough just to get away for the one-hour trip across town to the dojo!


Joel Simmons
29th January 2009, 03:43

Good to know that there is Takeuchi-ryu in the Northwest (er...southwest for Canada). I'm originally from Portland, OR. One day I'll make it back there and perhaps we could meet up to train together.

Best Regards,

30th January 2009, 20:35
I really like the photos from Kyoto.

Ben or Steve or both have some really good ones on Facebook.

Hi Joel.