View Full Version : Shinto Intern position to open at Tsubaki America Grand Shrine

18th January 2009, 22:50
Congratulations on opening this New Year from Tsubaki America Grand Shrine.

Heisei 21: 21st Year of Heisei era

Tsuchinoto : 6th of the ji-kan 10 celestial stems inner aspect of earth

Ushi doshi: Year of the Ox

Kyushi Kasei : # 9 purple fire Ki

Year of the Ox, Signifies leadership, strength, power and stability. As for
Kyushi Kasei it is the 9th number of the cycle of 9. It is situated in the south
position which is at the top or head of the 9-star compass so it implies mental
development and intelligence. 9 is the highest # compared to 1...it's color is
purple which implies high rank. It is common sense that happiness visits the
family who treaures life, ancestors and kami. It is the sun above your head at
noon and implies vigorous KI..especially mental KI. In terms of fortune it is
the time to make a plan--to sow-- to fertilize...to prepare for future.


Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is accepting applications for the
SHINTO/AIKIDO INTERN. This full time position is available from early Spring and
includes all training, private quarters in shrine guest house and a stipend.
This is a unique chance to be immersed in the Shinto and Aikido in the enriched
environment of the Shinto Shrine. Please contact Rev. Barrish (Shrine Priest)

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America
17720 Crooked Mile
Granite Falls, WA 98252

(360) 691-6389