View Full Version : ECQC Evolutions - Doin' the Work

19th January 2009, 22:40
Links to some vid clips of Extreme Close Quarters Concepts work:



George Kohler
21st January 2009, 00:19
John Lindsey teaches a course called XCQB (X as in Extreme) in Houston for a company called MAST. I went through it back in Nov. Pretty good course and it wasn't just on handguns. It included using M4 (or other assault rifles) and bayonet. It also dealt with wearing your kit (no pun intended).

21st January 2009, 04:38
Excellent! That is more along the lines of what I have taught to LE/tactical folks. No bayonets, though!

ECQC is based on civilian/concealed carry encounters.