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Michael Coleman
16th February 2009, 15:43
For All Martial Artists:

After three and a half years in the making, I am very happy and proud to announce that this amazing documentary movie is finally available! - Here is the description:

The Gift of Traditional Martial Arts

The Gift of Traditional Martial Arts is an exciting and thought provoking testament to the power of studying "Kobudo" - the ancient unarmed and weapon arts of the Ninja and Samurai.

Packed with never-before-seen martial arts techniques, this movie weaves seamlessly between the way of the sword and the way of peace.

From empowering a woman who lived in fear after being robbed at gun-point, to saving a spinal cord injury survivor who lost his will to live; this movie illustrates just how a 2000 year old Asian discipline of self defense has inspired and transformed thousands of lives.

Cable and movies are filled with overly-violent shows which glorify aggressive behavior. This movie is refreshingly different and uses the deadly fighting arts of the past to inspire rather than injure.

It documents the incredible benefits true, traditional martial arts can give to society and shows the public the once-secret world of the oldest Japanese traditional style of defense. - It is an awesome collection of movements, ideas, information and emotions.

Following is the link to the website with a four and a half minute trailer that you can watch right away. It also has information about how to buy the DVD right away.

Website & Trailer: www.giftoftma.com

Direct to Purchase: www.createspace.com/261096

Please feel free to share any of this information with anybody you like. The movie has already touched the hearts of hundreds of martial artists and non-martial artist alike.

God bless you all for your continued support!


Michael Coleman

p.s. I'd love your feedback on the trailer and movie.

Juan Perez
17th February 2009, 19:20
Mr. Coleman,

The trailer looked great. I have just finished purchasing the DVD and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it arrives. Congratulations on this achievement.

Juan Perez
24th February 2009, 18:30
Kyoshi Coleman,

I just saw the video yesterday. First, it was obviously produced with great care and I did not feel like any of it was over done. There was a great deal of balance in the content of the video. The overall focus seemed to be broader than just martial arts technique. Rather, each segment built up on the over-arching message of what martial arts means for the development of the human being.

That being said, the techniques showcased were incredible and lend tremendous credibility to the Genbukan and its curriculum.

The anecdotal stories within the DVD storyline were very inspiring. I have not seen any other video that showed what "Ninpo Ikkan" really means until now.

Sound and video quality were great as well as the packaging and presentation of the DVD itself.

Overall, excellent DVD presentation, great content and certainly worth my money. I recommend this to anyone who is a martial artist and certainly to anyone training in any Takamatsu-den.

25th February 2009, 22:47
Dear Sensei Coleman,

I'm glad to see this video finally available to the public. I was honored to see it at the Taikai with yourself and Tanemura, Soke present. Truly insipiring. It is a must for all Koryu martial arts practitioners. My copy is in the mail.


16th March 2009, 04:13
Can anyone please tell me how long in duration this production is in minutes?

Thanks in advance,