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4th February 2001, 06:02

I would like to request some assistance on obtaining information pertaining to the Kyushin Ryu ?

Through several sources I have read many different things. In Secerets of the Samurai by Ratti & Westbrook, they have identified this school in two seperate sections as being a close combat specialty school, then in another "Members of the kyushin Ryu, a school of ninjutsu, became noted for their unorthodox meathods of using a spear". In A Dictionary of the Martial Arts, by Frederic, Kyushin Ryu is defined:" An ancient Japanese school of defense against lance(yari) attacks, halberd (Hoko) or naginata."

We are certain that Kyushin Ryu was one of the influential ryu of kodakan and in the famous photo showing Kano with all the jujutsu masters, there are two men from Kyushin Ryu. First and foremost would be Yozo Eguchi of Kumamoto who was involved in kodakan kata formulation. Also in the photo is Hidemi Tozuka of Chiba. All history of Judo mentions Kyushin ryu, but none mention any information regarding the influence or sytem style of Kyushin ryu.

I've also heard that Kyushin ryu is a branch group of the Takeda line and that there are Kyushin ryu Aikijututsu schools.

Could anybody steer me in the right direction on how I could obtain some valid information regarding this ryu. Thank you.

Adam Mitchell

13th December 2006, 11:44
I did not see your posting until now, 6 years after it was up.

Better late than never? LOL I hope the following information helps:

The Kyushin Ryu was founded in the Eiroku period (around 1565) by a man named Inugami Sakon-no-shokan Nagakatsu. He received the transmission of ôReiken" swordsmanship (descending from Heaven) with his father, Inugami Hyogonosuke Nagatsugu, later studying with a Hayamizu Nagakado-no-kami Enshin, from whom he received a license of transmission in Enshin-ryu kumiuchi (grappling with weapons).

He went on to found his own ryu, the curriculum of which was completed by his son, Inugami Kyushinsai Nagatomo. The ryu was widely spread in Kyushu, where it was known by a number of variant writings (of the first character, "kyu") and contained techniques for grappling, swordsmanship, and other weapons

Presently, there are two main branches of the Kyushin Ryu. One studies judo/jujutsu (I know they are different but I put them together anyway) and the second group studies kenjutsu with batto (using a shorter yet heavy katana).

Hope that helps,



Lance Gatling
8th October 2007, 15:17
Hi. i'm trying to find someone in Kyushin ryu in Japan. Your post seems to indicate a personal knowledge.

Is there someone you can direct me to? I have a couple of questions about Eguchi Yazo.



17th October 2007, 12:00
One thing for sure.. if you heard of a Kyushin-ryu "Ju-Jitsu" group in Indonesia.. they are NOT the Koryu Kyushin-ryu.. in fact they are not currently related or affiliated with any Japanese Jujutsu system at all.

The Indonesian Kyushin-ryu is an MMA-type martial art (mixing Silat with Karate, Judo, police self-defense, and recently BJJ) concocted by a high-ranking police officer. They have nice Kumite techniques, very loyal students and a good organization. But they are not true Japanese Jujutsu by any stretch of imagination.

Sorry for the rant! :)