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5th April 2009, 07:02
This is an unsolicited plug for Rory Miller's book titled Meditations on Violence. Full disclosure: I've never met him, have swapped emails just once several years ago regarding a koryu jujutsu, and have no vested interest in the success of his book. There is a full description and reader comments here:


Personally and professionally, I found valuable insights and a perspective that caused me to rethink some assumptions I had about personal protection. Philosophically and tactically, there are real gems in here. One example is his take on combining an internal permission to act with awareness and "explosive application of skill" (pgs. 147-151). Very interesting take.

Reading it is time well spent.

5th April 2009, 15:40
I've met him, worked out with and exchanged ideas with him. I second the book. Plus I contributed some small tidbits for it, although I also don't get anything for it. :D