View Full Version : Kyokushin in NE FL?

27th April 2009, 20:15
Good afternoon,

I have a former training partner who is interested in learning and /or training in Kyokushin karate in NE Florida. I know there is a school in Orlando but that is too far for him to commute. My friend has practiced various martial arts for about thirty years. He trained briefly in Okinawa and Korea during his hitch in the marine corps, and has trained in tang soo do, judo, and various different things with different individuals. He is currently drilling with the naval reserves in Jacksonville, and would like to find either a teacher or even a dan ranked practitioner with whom he could train. If anyone might know of anyone who would be interested in having my friend either train or study with him, please reply by this forum and I will get the info to him. Thank you in advance for any replies.

13th May 2009, 00:21
Check around www.kyokushin4life.com and have your friend ask there or you can. Everyone there is very helpful and if there is anybody that knows on that forum they will help you. I'm a member on there, as well.
I'm only suggesting that forum because it specializes in knockdown karate.