View Full Version : Harumafuji - Natsu Basho 2009 Yusho

John McCulloch
21st June 2009, 04:28
FYI - here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SubI3uRZ37E) is a day-by-day account of Harumafuji's (http://sumo.goo.ne.jp/eng/ozumo_meikan/rikishi_joho/rikishi_2308.html) first Makuuchi division championship win (Natsu Basho 2009), including the "winner take all" rematch vs. Hakuho.

Jon Palombi
10th July 2009, 02:19
Hi John,

Thanks for the video. I have to admit, I was surprised that Harumafuji had it in him to claim the May Yusho. Obviously, the speculations about whether he will become the next Yokozuna, abound in legion. So, can the former Ama win the upcoming July basho? If so, can he hold the rank of Yokozuna for very long, after attaining it? Yeah, I'm thinking about Wakanohana and his brief status as Grand Champion (not that Harumafuji can really compare to Waka's extraordinary skills but there are several parallels). Regardless, I am psyched about this Sunday morning!!! See you from across the Dohyo. That is... from my living room, mesmerized by my TV screen. That's right, it's Ozumo time again, Folks! :D

Be well and practice often, Jon Palombi