View Full Version : Koryu in Chattanooga, TN

26th June 2009, 01:02
Hello all,

I'm doing a bit of homework for a friend in Chattanooga. He's looking for training opportunieis but, as usual, most of the places in the phone book are McDojos.

Does anyone know of legitimate branches or styles in the area?

I apologize for the nonspecific nature of this question but given the area, any leads would be of interest.

Steven Baxter
29th June 2009, 14:51
Koryu are pretty difficult to find outside of major metropolitan areas, so I'd be surprised if anything existed in or around the immediate Chattanooga area. However, what type of martial art is he interested in? Jujutsu? Weapons (katana, jo, naginata)? Ninjutsu? I believe there is a Bujinkan dojo in Atlanta, and Daito Ryu Aikijutsu in Charlotte, NC, but unfortunately I don't know of any other koryu closer than that.

29th June 2009, 17:00
I'm a member of the Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo here in Huntsville, AL, which is about a 2 hour drive from Chattanooga. If he's interested in Ninpo or jujutsu we have both. :)

2nd July 2009, 00:29
Thanks for the heads up. Chattanooga is a beast to find good MAs in. He's not necessarily only looking for koryu, but I put up the gendai post in the gendai area. Any recommendations are welcome.

Thanks again!