View Full Version : Pictures of Yoroi on the web?

Neil Hawkins
8th February 2001, 23:32
A friend of mine is an artist and is making a sculpture/model of a Samurai in armour. He needs good quality pictures of various types of armour to work from.

Does anyone know of any good sites on the web that show detail of the armour?



Joseph Svinth
9th February 2001, 06:02
Try http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/chrys/chryssg3.html

Also suggest the Osprey series of modeler's books. The list was provided in the recent thread on 16th century flags.

10th February 2001, 08:22
Try this place: http://www4.synapse.ne.jp/marutake/otona.html
If you click on the pic, it enlarges enough to a point where I think your friend could see the details of the armor. The armor shown here is some of the more famous, decorative style that you will find displayed in books like Bottonley and Hopson's. Hope this helps.