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shorin student
23rd August 2009, 02:52
Hello all,

I was watching fight quest and saw unique bag in Goda Shihans dojo that jimmy commented that was very hard. About 6 or 7 minutes in, kind of flat, one hanging over the other.

Any info on where a fella can purchase these?

Thanks Charles John Cross

Martin H
9th October 2009, 07:17
I think you mean one of these

Its a pretty common type of makiwara in knockdown karate dojos. The bags are filled with sand and small stones.
(there is one in the background)

Big dojos usually have much larger, home built, versions. The really big ones are made with wooden logs as frames, and with regular makiwaras and car tires fastened on them at different angles as additional training gear.

Here are two places selling them in Japan. Good luck finding some place that sells them in the US or europe.


paul browne
10th October 2009, 17:00
Hello Martin,

I have seen this type of makiwara in an Enshin Ryu book, and it slightly resembles Chinese martial arts wall bags.

Please could you explain what the training purpose of this type of makiwara is ie; how it differs from the heavy bag and normal makiwara and if possible how it would be used.

Thank you


Martin H
11th October 2009, 22:58
Basically, you punch and kick this type of bag/makiwara slowly and repeatedly in order to condition the striking area as preparation of hitting a opponent full power. It is especially used for conditioning the shin to be used as a effective weapon (and prepare it for those godawful shin vs shin collisions of shin lowkicks vs shin-blocks).
It is not used to perfect formal technique (getting hip movement and so on right) as a regular maikiwara, or to practice combination&power as a regular bag.

But Im certainly not an expert in using this, and should not try to guide anyone in its use.

paul browne
14th October 2009, 07:43
Hi Martin,
Thank you for your reply, it looks like a useful and relatively easy to make bit of kit so I might try and replicate one.