View Full Version : Nobunaga as a business role model

John Lindsey
10th February 2001, 14:54
I was pondering the (funny) idea of Musashi and the Gorinsho as a guide for modern business practices, and thought that there might be better role models from old Japan. While some may suggest Toyotomi Hideyoshi, I personally like Nobunaga for a Wall Street Warrior. His military strategy seems to be quite brilliant at times, especially during his early years. He was also good at eliminating competition :).

As for business, I found these facts about him on the web:

eliminated za (“guilds”) that monopolized commerce

supported raku-ichi, rakuza (“open-markets”)

abolished sekisho (“check points”) which had hindered the free flow of goods

He did make some serious mistakes in his “human resources” department which cost him his life though

13th February 2001, 02:32
I would use Takeda Shingen as an ideal model for governing, maybe in business too. In fact, there are many words that derive from the name of that country that have good connotations, becuase his policies on governing were considered to be some of the best (and Kai was reknowned for the prosperity of its people). Examples: Kai (?b”ã?jitself means both the country name, and "effect, result, worth," while kaisho (?b”ã?«) means "resourcefullness, competence." There are a couple others that aren't coming to mind.